Friday, February 04, 2005

Orgasmatron just the job to get romance buzzing around Valentine's Day

Tickled pink ... mum-of-two Mary experienced thrills in bed thanks to implant inserted in US opLowri Turner, Western Mail

The lights are dimmed, soft music tinkles in the background and a glass of champagne fizzes on the bedside table. Under the duvet though, things are not quite as relaxed. As he works away like someone trying to bore a second Channel Tunnel, she runs through her shopping list for the morning. "Washing up liquid, cornflakes, 5lbs of potatoes...."

Valentine's Day is just over a week away.

Many couples are already planning a romantic evening. The sad truth, however, is that while he is pretty much assured a good night, things are more in doubt for her. If reaching orgasm is the sexual equivalent of scaling a peak in the Himalayas, many women have trouble getting over a speed hump.

Now one scientist claims to have come up with a solution. The Orgasmatron, named after the device in the 1968 film Barbarella, is an implant, or rather two, that are said to guarantee a female orgasm. For £9,000, patients can have a pair of tiny electrodes implanted. These are connected by wires to nerves in the spinal chord. Then, using a remote control, tiny pulses of electricity can be sent to the spine, so resulting in orgasm.
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